With roots that can be traced back to the 14th century, Pantomime is now a fixture of the Christmas period across the country. Often dismissed as simply light entertainment, the pandemic has highlighted its importance within the make up of the cultural calendar in the UK, with the box office takings and audience attendances that pantomimes guarantee often contributing to the survival of theatres throughout the rest of the year.

This project aims to show the world of pantomime in a way we aren’t used to seeing, the world behind the glitz and glamour of the show.

Ben Roddy, 2021 

Natasha Hoeberigs, St Albans, 2021

Haz Beans Costume at Evolution Pantomime's Warehouse, 2022

Noddy’s Car, St Albans, 2021

Paul Hendy, co-founder of Evolution Pantomimes at his Warehouse in South East England, 2022

Jimmy Vee, St Albans, 2021

Dana Egan and Alexia Collard, 2021

Brandon Nava, Crawley, 2021

Scarlett Moffat, Crawley, 2021

Michael J. Bachelor, Crawley, 2021

Punch and Judy Props at Evolution Pantomime's Warehouse, 2022

Kain Francis, St Albans, 2021

Daniel Breakwell, St Albans, 2021

George Akid, Crawley, 2021

Karen Anderson, St Albans, 2021

Sarah Knowles. St Albans, 2021

Atrium Posters, St Albans, 2021

Lucy-Jane Quinlan, Crawley, 2021

Jonny Weldon, St Albans, 2021

Dean Whatton, St Albans, 2021

Ian Kirkby, St Albans, 2021

Joshua Clayton, Effie Rae Dyson and , Crawley, 2021

Rhys Wyn Owen, St Albans, 2021

Joshua Clayton, 2021

Urinals and Posters, St Albans, 2021

"Damien's Pop Up Panto" Sign at Evolution Studios Warehouse, 2022